Google Jamboard Documentation

SAP Lab 10G Jamboard Documentation - WORK IN PROGRESS

This is documentation for using the Jamboard located in room 10G in both online and offline configuration.

UI Overview

Starting from the right:

  • Arrow: Gives you the option to move the tool bar to the left or right.

  • Pen: Selects which pen you can use. Different types include:

    • Normal pen
    • Marker: Thicker and smoother than the default pen.
    • Chisel tip: Like a highlighter, but with less see-through visibility.
    • Paintbrush: It’s like the paintbrush tool on PhotoShop or GIMP. Super thick and easy to see through; works best as a highlighter.
    • Text Recognition: Uses Online connectivity to parse handwriting into typed letters.
    • Shape Recognition: Changes your hand-drawn work into the nearest straight lines and shapes it can recognize.
  • Eraser: Changes the pen to Erase mode. The drop down menu gives the option to clear the board.

  • Pen color: Allows you to change the pen color to one of five colors: Black, Teal, Green, Gold, and Red. Selecting a color does not change the pen mode.

  • Lasso: Allows you to select a drawing or piece on the board and move it elsewhere; great if you aren’t great at pre-planning your space usage.

  • Sticky notes: Allows you to type a sticky note. This button will swap to whatever you have used most recently in the More section.

  • More: Allows you to choose from a variety of more advanced options:

    • Search the Web: Essentially a mini browser, it allows you to screenshot a web page and paste it onto the board. Can use the adjuster on the side to change how big the browser is.
    • Search images: Allows you to use Google Images to find a picture to drag onto the board.
    • Stickers: Exactly what it says on the tin. Has various stickers and stock graphics to drag onto the board.
  • Next Page: Allows you to create new pages or navigate previous frames. Selecting the frameboard area will let you select a specific frame more easily, as well as give you options to delete or duplicate framess.

  • Menu: This is where all the settings lie for the Jam Session and for the Jamboard itself.


Although the board is where all the goodies lie, there are a few ways that a member of your organization can collaborate with Jamboard users.

Adding People


Using Jamboard Outside the Board Room

Through the Browser

The easiest and most limited way. By going to the Google Jamboard page, people can view Jams shared with them. From here, all you can see is Jams that have been shared with your account through the Add People button.


Through the App